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Personalized Speech Therapy in Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Dallas, Richardson & all of North Texas

Hello, my name is Anna Gabelev. I am a speech pathologist and a mother of three kids: two girls and a boy.

Welcome to my site!

As a parent, I understand that finding a person you can trust your kids with is not an easy task.

Whenever I look for a teacher, coach, or therapist for my children, I want someone who has experience, knowledge, and expertise in a given area. I also want him or her to be passionate about their work, loving, accepting, and fun. But it is equally important that this person appreciates my child for who she or he is, is able to see their potential and understand their strengths and weaknesses, loves my child, and is optimistic about his or her future.  I don’t expect this teacher, coach, or therapist to know all of the answers, but I expect her to be determined to do what it takes to find the solutions that work best for my child.

This is exactly the type of therapy service I strive to provide to each of my clients and their families; I know that every parent wants the absolute best for her or his children like I do for my own.


I have extensive experience working with kids with various communication impairments including: autism spectrum disorders, fluency impairment, Apraxia of speech, articulation impairment, language impairment, cognitive impairments, Down syndrome, sensory impairments, and feeding disorders. I have worked both in Texas public schools and in private practices. I have training and experience in many different therapy methods and techniques (see “Treatment Techniques” tab), and keep up to date with the latest literature.

Individual Approach

I believe in and practice an individual approach to every child and every family. Based on my diverse experience, I am able to determine and provide a uniquely tailored therapy that works best for your child. I truly believe that each child is an individual with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. I take the time to get to know you and your child first, and then develop a personalized plan for their therapy. Throughout therapy, I maintain a flexible approach and continue to work with you and your child to provide therapy that is most effective for their needs.

I also believe in the importance of fun, excitement and laughter, and use many different types of games and activities to keep your child interested. Any child will thrive in this kind of environment.

Thank you for visiting my site!

I cannot wait to get to know you and your child!

Please visit the “About” tab for more information about my education and experience.