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Speech Therapy in Plano, Frisco, Allen , McKineey ,Dallas, Richardson & all of North Texas.

My name is Anna Gabelev. I am a speech pathologists , and I am also a mother of three kids: two girls and a boy.

Welcome to my site.

I also frequently search the Internet to find a school, camp, classes and therapies for my own kids. I know that a task of finding a place and people who I can trust my kids is not an easy task.

Whenever I look for a teacher/coach /therapist for my children, I want someone who has experience, knowledge, and expertise in their area. I also want them to be passionate, loving, accepting, and fun, but most importantly I want this person to appreciate my child for who she/ he is , see the possibilities , the strengths, love my child , and be optimistic about his/ her future. I don’t expect this teacher/coach/ therapist to know all the answers, but I expect her to be determined to do what it takes to find the solutions.

I know that every parent wishes the best for her/ his children like I do for my own; this is why I always try to become the best therapist for my clients and their families. I have a lot of experience working with kids with various communication impairments: autism spectrum disorders, fluency impairment, Apraxia of speech, articulation impairment, language impairment, cognitive impairments, Down syndrome, sensory impairments, and feeding disorders. I have worked in Texas public schools for 6 years and a private clinic. I have training and experience in different therapy methods and techniques, but what I believe in and practice is an individual approach to every child and every family. No matter what your child’s disability is, he/ she is an individual with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. I also want to know what your child likes, what makes him smile, and stay away from things that make him/her cry. I want to get to know your child first, assess his/ hers strengths and weaknesses, get to know his/ her family and then develop an individual plan for therapy.

I also believe in fun, excitement and laughter. Any child will thrive in this kind of environment. I try my sessions to be engaging and fun.

Thank you for visiting my site!

I cannot wait to get to know you and your child!